Shanghai Photographer

Photoyography是上海专业瑜伽摄影师Rosa Chen打造的专业瑜伽摄影网站。Rosa Chen将把重心转向瑜伽摄影,并作为自己下一阶段的职业发展方向。Rosa Chen乐忠于捕捉瑜伽体式、以及在中国越来越流行的瑜伽大会中所蕴含的瑜伽精神。
Rosa曾服务于中国亚马逊和Nike,拍摄服装类的商业照片。同时Rosay也为杂志或餐馆拍摄食物的拍摄。她的静物摄影作品和食物的照片曾被刊登在That’s Shanghai 和 Elle Decor China杂志上。

Photoyography is a Yoga photography website that expresses what Rosa Chen, a Professional Shanghai Photographer would like to concentrate on in the next level of her career. She is very passionate in capturing the spirit of Yoga community in Shanghai and China in General, doing the yogi portraits and also capture the passions in the yoga festivals that now become more and more of a hype in China. Rosa Chen a professional Shanghai Photographer, previously worked for Amazon China and served as Nike corporation for their Commercial Product photography, concentrating on Apparel Photography,
As well as than that, Rosa Chen also work on several food photography projects both for editorial needs or food menus in general. Her works in both still life and foodn products have been published in Magazine such as That’s Shanghai and Elle Decor China